The Importance Of Secure Messaging In Patient Communication

Secure, HIPAA-compliant text messaging solutions are incredibly important in the world of modern medicine. These applications can help doctors, nurses, and other hospital staff streamline the efficiency of their patient care, improve workflows, and minimize interruptions.

In addition, a single dedicated communications platform can help medical staff communicate with each other more effectively when outside of work, while still remaining compliant with HIPAA standards, and avoiding potentially steep fines.

And secure messaging doesn’t just help medical staff become more efficient. Read on to learn about 3 of the biggest ways secure messaging can help you achieve better patient outcomes.

3 Ways Secure Messaging Helps Medical Staff Improve Patient Outcomes

There are dozens of advantages to using a secure messaging app in a hospital setting – but we’ll just look at the 3 most important benefits now.

1. Increased efficiency – A 2014 study by the Ponemon Institute showed that a lack of real-time, asynchronous communication methods had a dramatic impact on the efficiency of hospital workforces.

Time was wasted during 3 of the most critical patient workflows – emergency response, admissions, and transfers. It was found that this inefficiency cost the hospital more than $1.7 million yearly.

But by applying real-time messaging services, this hospital reduced the amount of time spent on their 3 critical workflows by 57% – thereby saving money, time, and allowing better patient outcomes.

2. Fewer errors – Many hospital communication structures can lead to interruptions – and errors. Pages and phone conversations often require a task to be interrupted, and errors caused by interruptions are one of the leading causes of death in clinical settings.

A dedicated messaging app provides clear, focused, real-time communication – but eliminates the need for an immediate response. This allows doctors, nurses, and staff to communicate more effectively, but avoid interruptions that could lead to potentially life-threatening errors.

3. Shorter hospital stays – A study conducted in Philadelphia showed that secure messaging applications allowed hospitals to treat patients more effectively, and reduce the overall time they stayed in the hospital by around 14%.

This means that hospitals can provide better patient outcomes, save money on their bottom line, and free up more beds for patients who are in need.

These 3 benefits alone can result in huge cost-savings, massively increased hospital capacity, and a better overall level of patient care.

MatchMD – Providing Professional, Affordable, Reliable Secure Messaging Systems

If you’re interested in the benefits of a secured, HIPAA compliant secure messaging system, MatchMD is a perfect choice.

We provide rapid, secure, documented text-based communication to hospitals, and our cloud-based technology ensures that you always have access to our services when you need them the most.

Whether you’re a member of a hospital, clinic, or physician group, MatchMD can save you time, stress, and money. So contact us today for more information, and see how we can change your practice – for the better.

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