Physician Practices

Dependable, affordable and efficient communication is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity. Traditional paging practices are expensive, inefficient and labor intensive. Valuable time is wasted deciding who is on call, determining the best method of contact and then wondering if the page has actually reached the intended clinician.



-Regardless of the number of physicians entered in the system, the correct on-call clinician can be determined with a few mouse clicks.

-Text messages can be delivered and replies returned in a matter of minutes.

-Immediate notification of new consults; office schedule changes; patient status reports and other vital information.

Simple to Use

-No need to purchase additional hardware or software.

-Any computer with internet access can send messages and receive replies. Immediate access to MatchMD requires nothing more than maintaining an active browser window on your computer screen.

-In less than 1 hour, novice users become experts capable of teaching others.

Efficient and Reliable

-MatchMD can handle an unlimited number of physicians, clinicians and call schedules. Calendar templates can handle even the most complex physician call schedules.

-On-call schedules can be modified from any computer with internet access. Schedule changes appear immediately.

-Eliminates multiple copies of updated call schedules (not to mention wondering if the new schedule will actually be used!).

-Delivery progress of a MatchMD message is displayed in real time. Regardless of the reason, when message delivery fails, its status is known immediately and alternate plans can be initiated.

Multiple Device Options

-Efficient communication with 2-way pagers, tablets (iPads and others), smart phones and other text-capable cell phones.

-MatchMD messages can be sent to multiple devices – either simultaneously or in sequence.

Expanded Service Range

-When a recipient is out of range, MatchMD will repeatedly transmit the message. Delivery occurs automatically once the recipient’s device is back in range.

-With MatchMD apps for smart phones (iPhone, Android, etc.) messages can be received via standard cellular networks as well as WiFi. This has the potential to eliminate the need for pagers as messages can be received on smartphones even in shielded areas of the hospital lacking adequate cellular service.

-Documented and Archived

-Messages are permanently time stamped – including when the message was sent, when it was delivered to the paging device and when the reply was received.

-Messages are archived and easily retrieved should later review be necessary.

-Time stamped messages and the ability to monitor in real time significantly reduces potential liability exposure.


-By limiting the need for a traditional switchboard answering service, MatchMD paging protocols reduce monthly communication expenses by as much as 65%.

-Reduce the number of inappropriate pages and after hours requests.

-When hospitals contract with MatchMD for unlimited service, physician costs are reduced even further or eliminated entirely

Authenticated and Compliant

-HIPAA compliance is assured by combining industry standard encryption with appropriate institutional policies.

-Physician replies can include electronic authentication providing validation that a response is authentic and originated from his/her device.

-Coupled with appropriate hospital protocols, electronic signature authentication allows the physician response to be treated as a signed, dated and timed order obviating the need for a subsequent validation signature.

MatchMD was developed by practicing clinicians to meet the needs of today’s medical professional. We are committed to constant improvement. Whether you’re a physician, nurse, administrator or clerical professional, we listen to our customers.